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How to Get Advice:

There are a range of services in Brighton and Hove that provide advice on benefits, care, debt, employment, housing and more. You can access advice by telephone, email, in person with an appointment, by dropping in to services at certain times, and via Skype / webcam. You can search for the advice you need using our filter [on the left]. You can search by advice topic, by the day of the week it is available, and by how the advice is delivered.

Levels of advice

The organisations listed offer three different levels of advice:


This involves your Adviser finding out what issues are involved in your situation, giving you information and advice and explaining your options to resolve the issues. It also involves helping to fill in forms and contact other parties. It may involve the advice agency taking action on your behalf, and signposting and referring to other services.


In casework, the advice agency takes on responsibility for the progress of a case and the Adviser takes action on your behalf. This can include negotiation and representation on your behalf.


The Adviser or other professional will prepare a case for you and represent or speak on your behalf at a tribunal or court. This can include work undertaken by a solicitor or barrister.

Advice Quality Marks


The Specialist Quality Mark is a quality management system for legal aid providers.


The Advice Quality Standard is an independently audited standard that focuses on advice.