Webcam Advice

A new way for Brighton & Hove residents to access advice

web-cam2How to book a webcam appointment

This service provides advice on rent arrears, mortgage arrears and deposit issues through the internet, using Skype™ and other digital services that suit you.

This service is run jointly by Moneyworks and BHT Advice.

To book an appointment:

Make sure you working webcam on a tablet, laptop or computer

Click the book appointment button below and choose a date and time

Follow the simple instructions we will send you, can connect to us for help

Book an appointment

Using the Webcam Advice Service if you don’t have the Internet at Home

For clients who do not have access to Skype™, a webcam or a laptop or tablet, there is limited access available to a computer with a webcam at the First Base Centre, Brighton. Access to this computer is by appointment only. Find out more »

Your questions answered

How does it work?

You pick an appointment day and time, provide us with your email and contact details. When it comes to the time for your appointment we connect you directly to an adviser via webcam.

What do I need to access the service?

You’ll need a computer with a webcam. You’ll also need somewhere private and quiet for the interview.

Does it cost anything?

No: this service is free to use.

How do I know I can trust the advisers?

Our advisers are employed by Brighton Housing Trust. The service is quality accredited and the advisers are fully trained and experienced.

Will you share my details with anyone else?

No: the service is completely confidential. Your details will not be shared with anyone without your express permission.

Still not sure about using this service or not able to use it? Please tell us why

This is a new way of providing advice – if it’s not for you please give us some feedback.

Please note, this service is in no way affiliated with Skype™.